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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Post Concussive Syndrome Program

The possible serious effects a concussion can have on someone's life are often misunderstood or unrecognized.  Neuro Rehab Associates has developed a treatment program especially designed to treat individual who have suffered from a concussion and have not returned to their previous level of functioning after a period of time:

Symptoms we treat may include some of the following:  poor concentration, distractability, disorganization, difficult getting started on tasks, not knowing what is the most important task to do first, not getting things done, forgetting appointments and/or tasks to be completed, difficulty learning new information,

The goals of the program include:

Helping clients develop a better understanding of the effects of brain injury, their strengths and weaknesses, and the benefits of compensatory strategies as a tool for life-long success.

Teaching compensatory strategies and cognitive skills that will facilitate and sustain their ability to function independently, return to work, and /or participate in academic coursework.

Facilitating improvement in neurocognitive function through graded activities in targeted areas of deficit.

The program is a multi-phase approach to retrain:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Information processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Executive function
  • Time management
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Higher level language skills