This class of language disorder ranges from having difficulty remembering words to being completely unable to speak, read, or write.

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Difficulties thinking can suddenly occur after a stroke or brain injury or progressively change in cases such as Dementia or Multiple Sclerosis.

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When sensory signals don't get organized into appropriate responses. Best described as a mental "traffic jam".

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Inefficient, disturbed visual sense because of the widespread brain disturbance.

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Physical difficulties can suddenly occur after a stroke or brain injury or progressively change in cases such as Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. 

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Unilateral Vestibular Lesions, Bilateral Vestibular Lesions, and Central or Neurological Vertigo caused from Strokes, MS, brain tumors or cysts, and deformities of the upper spine.

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Congratulations Darci for becoming the first Occupational Therapist in Bozeman who is a Certified Stroke Rehabilitation SpecialistThis just brings all of you excellent Rehabilitation skills to a new level!! Way to go! We are so proud of you!!!

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with stroke, brain injury or a concussion?

 If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties associated with traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS or other neurological diseases you know there is a lot to learn.

At Neuro Rehab Associates we provide easy-to-understand articles, education and guidance, in addition to specialized Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy. 

I could not be happier with Neuro Rehab. From the initial professional evaluation of my
brain condition following surgery through effective mental exercises.  - RH

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Stroke Communication Group

When: Every other Monday 2:00 p.m.

Neuro Rehab Associates facilitates a
communication/support group for people who have had strokes or other neurological disorders that affect their communication abilities.

Location: Our office

Please contact us for the specific date.

Problem Solving and Emotional Regulation Group

Group will begin in mid May, 2014.  Contact Neuro Rehab for dates of when next group will begin.